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What are odd sized beds?

For odd sized rooms and unique requirements…


If you have specific requirements or just an oddly shaped room, you might find it difficult to find a nice bed that suits you. Despite the multitude of beds that are available, it is surprising how few ‘odd sized beds’ are available.


If it feels like you have been searching for the bed of your dreams forever, your difficult search could be completely unnecessary. With custom made odd sized beds, you can have a bed created to meet your requirements exactly. Ultimately, this means you end up with the perfect bed for you.


Odd sized beds: made to measure for you


Whether you simply have a room that is strangely shaped, or you have particular requirements that you would like to be met, it is worth looking into an odd sized bed.


Our odd sized beds are made to measure, following your measurements or measurements that a member of our team has taken for you. That means that the hand-made bed is designed to abide by the measurements provided to us. Whether you want an extra long bed or a bed that’s smaller than the average, we can create an odd sized bed that will work for you.


Why are odd sized beds so advantageous?


If you are considering an odd sized bed, you might be wondering about the variety of advantages that you can look forward to when your new bed is created and ready for use. Here are just some of the reasons that odd sized beds are so advantageous.


  1. Designed and hand-crafted for you


There is truly nothing better than a bed that has been created specifically for you. All of the odd sized beds that we create here at Beds Direct Batley are created individually for our customers, which means you know you are getting a bed that was truly created with you in mind. We don’t bulk-create beds, we make an individual, unique bed for each customer.


  1. Can be any size you require


If you have a room that’s restricting the size of bed that you can have, or you require a bed to be bigger than those that you are finding elsewhere, an odd sized bed is ideal. This is because odd sized beds can be any size and shape that you require, really, since they are designed to meet the needs of the individual that we are making them for.


  1. Long-lasting


When we are creating custom-made beds by hand, we do not try to save money when it comes to the materials that we use. You deserve premium, so that is what you get. We use only the best materials available when we are creating beds for our customers, which means that the beds we create are built to stand the test of time.