Natural fibre beds

Natural Fibre Beds

Human skin is not only a closed surface, but a breathable layer of our body. Our body temperature is kept under control through our pores and body hair. If this process is blocked, by wearing a plastic coat, rubber boots or sleeping on a synthetic foam, we feel uncomfortable. Whereas the natural fibres of a cotton shirt, real leather shoes and wool clothes are a good match for our skin. The reason being, natural fibres are our eco-systems answer to air-conditioning. They are designed to transport the humidity. This is where you feel the benefit of natural fibre beds.

An Ecological Balance

Unlike petroleum-based products, the natural materials we use are not in limited supply; they are constantly being replenished and so the ecological balance is maintained. We use many different types of natural animal hair and natural fibres, some of which are disposable by-products of different processes. We utilise these materials and give them a fresh purpose in life.

“Hi, Steve, Just to let you know how pleased I am with the mattress I ordered from you.
The quality is very good (much better than Dreams where we purchased our previous bed from) Also the delivery service was brilliant someone kept in touch by phone to let me know how things were progressing and the mattress was delivered at 8.30 am on the day it was promised.”

Mr. Thomson – Wolverhampton

As part of our ongoing development, whilst keeping our old-fashioned values and manufacturing techniques, we have created a unique range of Natural Fibre beds of the highest quality. To create a unique sleeping experience, we still make beds as we always have done – individually, carefully and by time served craftsmen.

Every NaturallyComfy bed is an original, designed and built around the way you sleep. The spring count, the fillings, the ticking, the stitching; each vital component of your NaturallyComfy bed is as you require it. We believe this is the only way to make the perfect bed for you.

Highest Quality Natural Beds
The copious volumes of fine cotton, pure lamb’s wool, long stranded horsehair, cashmere, mohair and silk are of the highest quality available. Every Naturally Comfy bed is as close to completely natural as we can make it, even down to the calico cotton fabric encased springs.

It’s the only way to make an natural bed that breathes as a bed should.


At Beds Direct you can have your say on every detail from the spring count to the stitching. We believe this is the only way to make the perfect bed for you.

Contact us today to start creating your own natural fibre bed.