The Bed Man

1st May 1957
Alan Fawcett, fondly known as “The Bed Man”, spent his youth perfecting his craft within large bed manufacturing firms in the “Bed Valley” – the name given to Batley and surrounding areas within West Yorkshire.

Divan production line

1st March 1958
Alan progresses into the divan assembly production line.

Traditional mattress assembly

1st July 1962
Alan is introduced to the skills of assembling mattresses using traditional methods and materials.

Management Promotion

1st August 1975
Alan takes promotion from the production line to management, overseeing production and over 100 employees.

Alan co-founds the business

1st April 1984
Alan co-founds the business and sets up shop at our current location. Halcyon Beds is born whilst trading under the name Beds Direct. In true Yorkshire fashion, a no frills, honest approach is at the heart of the operation. A small team of skilled craftsmen is established, manufacturing in house and supplying direct to the public.

Alan’s son joins the business

1st June 1984
Alan’s son Steve is roped in to paint the window frames. 2 weeks’ work is offered to the then teenager. Little did Steve know, he wouldn’t leave!

Beds Direct become a sponsor

1st May 1985
Beds Direct sponsors local football team.

Beds Direct Expansion

1st February 1990
Beds Direct expands to premises under the railway arches in Leeds. Alans daughter, Dawn, joins the family team. Meanwhile, in Batley, Steve works in manufacturing during the week and in the shop on a Saturday.

Bespoke Dog Bed

1st June 1996
A bespoke bed with a space to accommodate a dog is designed and produced in house.

Machinery Upgrades

1st October 2000

New and upgraded machinery is installed in the workshops.

Tim Joins the Team

1st May 2006
Our experienced tape edger Tim begins his employment at Beds Direct. Now part of the furniture, Tim is regarded as an adoptive member of the Fawcett family.

Alan Retires

1st August 2007
Alan retires after spending (in his words) “well over fot’ty years” in the industry. Steve follows as the managing director of the business, maintaining his father’s values and outlook.

Naturally Comfy is born

1st May 2010
Our range expands with the launch of a flagship collection of natural fibre beds

30 Years of Trading

1st April 2014
Beds Direct celebrate their 30th year of trading.

Third Generation Joins the Business

1st September 2014
Steves eldest son, Ben, joins the Beds Direct team with manufacturing and delivery responsibilities.

Christie Joins the Family Team

1st May 2016
Steves eldest child, Christie, joins the team. Taking on roles in sales, admin and bringing the company up to date with the online world!

Going Strong

1st January 2017
2nd and 3rd generation family members make up the small team at Beds Direct Batley. Our family working for your family.

National Lockdown closes non essential retail

1st January 2017
Beds Direct – Batley face the uncertainty of lockdown and have to suspend trading as COVID-19 hits.

We re-open our doors post lockdown!

15th June 2020
After several months of lie ins, we return to the workshops and showroom and continue to handcraft and supply our products to families like yours throughout the UK. We feel very lucky to come out the other side of lockdown in tact and are raring to go!

Ben sells his first mattress! On ya go lad.

1st July 2020
Ben adds another string to his bow and helps out in the ever busy factory showrooms. He sells his first mattress, an Ambassador! Well done Benji Bob.

We reach 100 reviews on Google and Facebook!

6th October 2020
Hurrah! We achieve 100 reviews on Facebook and Google. We celebrate by choosing a reviewer at random and gifting them 2 Luxury Talalay Latex pillows.

and the rest is history…