MOT Test

Is the bed 8 years old or more?

Do you ever wake up with neck or back ache?

Is the mattress cover torn or stained?

When lying in bed do you feel springs or ridges beneath the surface?

When moving in bed do you hear creaks, crunches or other suspicious noises?

Do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally?

Is the bed too small to give an undisturbed night’s sleep?

Is the divan or base uneven or sagging?

Are the legs or castors worn out?

Would it be embarrassing if the neighbours saw the bed without its covers?

You have completed our MOT test

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Mattress Obsolescence Test

Take our bed MOT and see whether it is time for a new bed… The quality of sleep you have is affected by the overall condition of your bed.

It is essential that your bed is free of defects and still offers enough comfort and support in order that you receive the quality of sleep you deserve.

After you get your results why not take a look at our full range of beds and mattresses?