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Odd size beds: Creating the ideal bed for any room

If you go shopping for beds in the local furniture store, you’ll notice that the majority of beds are similarly sized. Most beds have similar widths, lengths and depths, meaning if you are looking for anything a little idiosyncratic it’s often hard to find.

Despite beds usually being an average size, bedrooms are anything but; the same can be said for an individual’s tastes. You will probably already realise that bedrooms can be a variety of shapes and sizes, making finding the ideal bed challenging. It’s also worth considering that your average bed doesn’t allow for much in the way of personalisation; there’s a distinct lack of quirkiness that some people like.

Odd size beds are available if you are looking for a bed that is slightly (or very!) different from the conventional. In what situations are odd size beds the best option for you?

Odd size beds: Your bedroom is smaller than average

Finding the right bed if your room is smaller than the average bedroom can be challenging, especially when most beds follow a template that means they’re all similar sizes.

If you are struggling to find the right bed, your struggle could be over. Odd size beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. For example, when we are creating a bespoke bed, we truly offer a bespoke service. Unlike the limited ‘bespoke’ options of other manufacturers, we carefully consider your requirements to ensure we create the ideal bed for you. This includes following specific measurements to make sure the bed fits comfortably in the space available to you.

bespoke toddler bed
Bespoke Beds

Odd size beds: You want a bed crafted to your exact measurements

We understand that if you are investing in a bespoke bed, you are going to want a product that genuinely meets your needs. We offer a collection of odd size beds, some of which have frames that can be modified to meet your requirements.

When our customers are ordering a divan base from us, we listen to their requirements. Therefore, we can create a bespoke product that is more than ideal for them. If you were to order a divan base from Beds Direct Batley, we would carefully consider the information you provide to us to ensure your bespoke bed integrates everything you have requested.

We have been handling unique, quirky enquiries for over 35 years now. This means we are suitably placed to hand-craft the bed you desire.

Odd size beds: You want a hand-crafted bed

A bed hand-crafted for its user is a pleasure that we believe everyone should be able to enjoy. If you are looking for a bed created to suit you personally, you have come to the right place.

We manufacture odd size beds at our West Yorkshire site. This enables us to give you control over the bed we make for you. For example, you can decide:

  • The size of the bed
  • The fillings used within our mattresses
  • The number and position of drawers (divan base)
  • A variety of alternative storage options

Whatever your explicit requirements, we can meet them at a relatively low cost when creating beds in our West Yorkshire facilities.

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