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Made to measure headboard

Creating the perfect bed is about more than having your ideal bed frame or mattress. While the bed frame and mattress are two essential parts of a bed, so is the headboard. A made to measure headboard truly is the special finishing touch to your bed and room.


A headboard might not be technically essential to make use of a bed, the headboard is often regarded as the finishing touch of a bed. What is the point in a lovely bed and mattress if you do not have a lovely headboard to match?


Headboards come in all shapes and sizes, meaning it can be tough to find the right headboard for your bed. Also, headboards come in a variety of styles, some of which will suit your bed and some of which will not. Here is some more information on made to measure headboards.


Made to measure headboard: size is important!

Choosing the right size of headboard is very important. Some people choose a headboard for their bed without thinking about the consequences of not paying attention to the height, width and shape of the headboard.


A headboard that is too wide or too high can overshadow your bed or other existing features in your room, which is not ideal. A made to measure headboard is ideal for your room since it is perfectly sized for your bed.


Made to measure headboard: Made to your measurements

There are many lovely headboards available to purchase in furniture stores, but none of the headboards you find will be designed specifically for your bed.


With a made to measure headboard, you will have a headboard designed to meet your dimensions. The headboard created for you will be suited to your bed because it has been made for your bed specifically.


Having a headboard created to meet your measurements is also advantageous for another reason. Have you ever tried getting a headboard through doorways or up staircases? It is really tough! The doorways and staircases in your home will be taken into consideration before the creation of your headboard, ensuring that when your headboard is created it can easily be installed in your room without the usual struggles of fitting it through doorways and so on.


Made to measure headboard: Different materials available

Wood and metal are the most popular materials used in the creation of headboards. Both wood and metal are malleable; a variety of headboards can be created with both.


Your headboard does not just need to be wood or metal in appearance, regardless of which your headboard is made from. Headboards can be upholstered in fabric to match other features of your room, such as your curtains or the other parts of your bed.


Did you know that a metal headboard can make a room feel larger? A metal headboard can make a room feel larger as the wall behind the headboard will be visible. With an upholstered headboard, the wall behind would not be visible.


Here at Beds Direct Batley, we create bespoke headboards that are fabric upholstered. To find out more, explore our headboards page.


Made to measure headboard: Are you considering a headboard?

Headboards come in literally thousands of variations, especially when they are made to measure. Here at Beds Direct Batley, we create bespoke headboards that will be made to measure for your bed.


If you are interested in more details about a bespoke headboard, you can contact our team today to discuss your headboard in more detail.