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Made to Measure Beds

Finding a bed that is perfect for your bedroom is not always as easy as it sounds. For example, you might struggle to fit a bed in your room if you have a bedroom that is either too small or oddly shaped.


No two bedrooms are the same, generally. How do you get a bed that actually fits in your room ideally? Invest in a made to measure bed!


Choosing a made to measure bed is the best possible way to get a bed that fits in your room as well as possible.


Made to Measure Beds


A made to measure bed is a bespoke bed created for you. It is made with your measurements in mind. For example, if your measurements show that you need a shorter than average bed, all divan bases and a handful of ranges of bedframes can be modified to meet your needs.


We offer a variety of customisation options for you during the creation of your made to measure bed. With the variety of possibilities we offer you, we can create a bed for you that genuinely feels like it’s yours and unique to you.


Made to Measure Beds: Choose the exact size


If you have decided that you want a made to measure bed, it is important that it really is made to measure. For example, you do not want a bed that’s about right; you want a bed that fits perfectly.


We truly believe that you deserve a bed that is truly made to measure. Therefore, we will follow your measurements precisely, ensuring your new bed is the perfect fit.


We have the knowledge and expertise to create a bed that is bespoke to you; a bed that is the right size for you.


Made to Measure Beds: Specialist design options


We like to create a bed for you that is truly unique to you. While a big part of that is ensuring that we follow your measurements to the centimetre, we can also add custom features to your bed.


We can accommodate a wide variety of specific alterations and customisations that guarantees your bed feels unique. This is because our beds are made to order and are hand-crafted by our Batley-based team.


Why you should choose a Beds Direct Batley Bed


If you are investing in made to measure beds, you may as well work with the best to create those beds.


With over 35 years’ experience within the bedding industry, we have become specialists along the way. When compared to some other bespoke bed makers, we truly do offer a service that creates a bespoke bed for you.


Our fully bespoke service takes into consideration all of the following:

  • Size required
  • Storage needed
  • Fabrics beds can be upholstered in
  • Headboards
  • Bespoke finishing touches


By taking all of the above into consideration when creating a bed for you, we can ensure that we are making the bed of your dreams.