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Choose a Beds Direct – Batley Extra Long Bed

If you have any particular or peculiar requirements, sourcing a bed that actually suits you can be tough. While there is a multitude of beds available, the majority of beds – other than those that are custom-made – follow standard dimensions. So, what can you do when standard dimensions don’t meet your requirements? If you are after a longer-than-usual bed, investing in an extra long bed created by Beds Direct – Batley normally does the trick!

Extra Long Bed: Why choose a Beds Direct – Batley bed?

We truly believe that our beds, hand-crafted in Batley, are some of the best that you will find in the UK. Here are some of the reasons that we believe you should invest in an extra long bed created by us.

We’re experienced

Our family-run business has been creating beds for over 30 years now. To be precise, we have been creating beds as a family for your family for 35 years. Ultimately, this means that we have gained plenty of experience that we can utilise to create beautiful beds for our customers for years to come.

Beds Direct – Batley was founded in 1984, and soon became well-known in the United Kingdom. Our long-standing staff, now spanning 3 generations, have many years of knowledge and expertise that allows them to continue offering the brilliant service we are well known for.

We listen to create what you’re dreaming of

Who doesn’t have a dream bed? Although it might not be front and centre of your mind all the time, not many would say no to a brilliant bed paired with a restful mattress. We listen to what you want from your bed and then create the bed of your dreams.

Our excellent bespoke service means that your bed is truly made for you. Unlike the bespoke service advertised by some bed manufacturers, the beds we create are made to order and therefore bespoke to the buyer. Right down to the little details, we aim to create a bed that you love and value. Our range of beds can be modified and adapted to suit your needs, within certain sensible constraints. Whether you want a shorter-than-average bed or your bed upholstered in a specific fabric, we aim to meet your needs.

Free of charge advice

Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact of life that you do not get much for free these days. While you might come across things promoted as being free, you’ll regularly notice that there is some kind of catch you need to be aware of.

We are a group of honest people; a family business determined to help your family if possible. That means that when we say our advice is free, we truly mean it. We can offer advice on a variety of bedroom-related things, from beds and mattresses to headboards. While any custom would certainly be appreciated, it isn’t something that we push. We are more than happy to simply advise you if that is all you require.

Competitively priced beds

We believe that the majority of things in the world cost far too much. Why would anybody want to invest in a new bed, mattress or headboard if they know it is going to cost them an arm and a leg?

We appreciate that investing in a new bed and everything else you need can be extremely costly. Being a factory/showroom we can ensure that all our products are competitively priced. We create bespoke beds to suit all budgets, so don’t think that the word bespoke means your future bed will be excessively priced.