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The unique creation process of custom size mattresses

Custom size mattresses: The unique creation process


While you can buy any mattress for your bed, no mattress is going to be the perfect fit unless it has been designed specifically to meet the measurements of your bed. Creating custom size mattresses isn’t as simple as just taking some measurements and handing you the right sized mattress, however; there is a lot more to creating the mattress that suits you and your bed.


Here is some insight into the unique creation process of custom sized mattresses created by specialist bed and mattress makers.


Custom size mattresses: accurate measurements as a starting point


As a starting point for the creation of custom size mattresses, accurate measurements are necessary. Without accurate measurements to guide the creation of a mattress, there is no guarantee that the mattress with actually fit the bed frame that you already have.


Precise dimensions are critical for a variety of reasons:


  • Exact mattress dimensions mean the best possible fit for your bed


  • A mattress created to the correct specifications increases comfort


  • A mattress that fits your bed perfectly can increase safety


Once accurate dimensions are established, the creation of custom size mattresses moves onto the next stage: the sourcing of quality materials.


Custom size mattresses: sourcing materials of the highest quality


There is more to a custom mattress than simply dimensions. Sourcing high-quality materials is also very important because it is crucial that your custom size mattress feels as premium as it is. In coordination with the buyer of the custom size mattress, the specialist mattress creator will decide on the best materials for the mattress that is being created.


As well as choosing the materials that the mattress will consist of, deciding on the type of mattress is also important. There are multiple types of mattress available, such as the following:


  • Open coil mattress: This mattress offers different levels of comfort and quality, making it suitable for all budgets. It is an option for all types of beds, from low-cost kids beds to luxurious beds offering years of comfort.


  • Pocket sprung mattress: A pocket sprung mattress offers optimum support and comfort. Instead of the springs you will find in an open coil mattress, the springs in this mattress are encased in individual pockets, allowing them to move more independently. This allows for individual reaction to the weight applied to them.


  • Foam mattress: A synthetic material, foam is used heavily in the manufacture of mattresses of all kinds. Foam can be used alone or with springs, allowing for plenty of customer choice depending on the comfort they want and the price range they have set.


Custom size mattresses: hand-making your mattress


Creating the perfect custom size mattress relies heavily on the effort put into the creation process. The creation of bespoke mattresses is truly unique as each individual mattress is made to order and handcrafted. These mattresses aren’t mass-produced; they are created especially for you by hand.