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Custom size divan beds

If you are on the search for a new bed, it is likely that you are considering things such as whether the bed will fit into your room or not. Unfortunately, if your room is an odd shape or you yourself have specific requirements, standard bed sizes are not going to be suitable for you.


Although beds seemingly come in a variety of sizes, there is very little difference in size and shape between most beds. For example, the majority of double beds will be of the same size and shape. If a certain shape or size of bed doesn’t fit in your room, you might find that the majority do not. Therefore, it could be worthwhile investing in a custom size divan bed.


Custom size divan beds: when could a divan bed be ideal?


If your room is a little oddly shaped or on the small size, a divan bed could be just what you are looking for. Here are a few examples of when a divan bed could be ideal for you:


You have limited space: If your space is limited, you need to make the best use of it. If you have just any ordinary bed that is big with no special storage features, you are going to be wasting the precious little room that you have.


Divan beds are usually the favourable option when it comes to maximising existing space. Divan beds tend to use less space as the mattress is situated directly on top of the divan, rather than within the perimeter of a bed frame.


You require more storage: Perhaps your bedroom is already filled up with drawers and wardrobes and you are looking for some additional storage? With a divan bed, you will often find the extra space you want. For example, you can have drawers under your bed. So much for no more clothes!


You want a multi-use bed: If you are looking at buying custom size divan beds, you may as well have a bed made for you with multiple uses! Over the years, we have developed several variants of our divan beds collection. For example, we can incorporate options such as pull-out drawers, ottoman storage and a twin sleep guest combo. If you have limited space, choosing a bed with multiple uses is always a good idea.


Custom size divan beds: Why choose Beds Direct Batley?


If you have decided that a custom size divan bed might be the ideal bed for you, you might be wondering why we think you should choose us to make your bed. Here are a few reasons that we are the best bed maker to create your bed:


  • Handcrafted: The custom size divan beds that we create are handcrafted. This means that a lot of love and care goes into making every bed, and you get a bed that is truly unique.


  • Experienced: We have been in the bedding industry for over 30 years now, meaning we have the necessary experience to create beautiful bespoke beds. Throughout our 35 years in the industry, we have seen trends and preferences come and go. One thing that has stuck around, however, is the demand for beautiful beds. Fortunately, that is exactly what we provide.


  • Bespoke: We offer a bespoke service that takes into consideration a number of important things. For example, we consider the size of the bed, the storage required from the bed, the fabrics the bed will be unholstered in, what headboard would go well with the bed and what finishing touches are appropriate. We discuss every detail with you to ensure we create your dream bed.