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3 tips for getting your child to sleep

When it comes to that time of the evening when you are going to have to try to get your child to go to sleep, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the majority of parents ended up shuddering with dread. One of the biggest concerns for a parent is getting their child to go to sleep. While kids require much more sleep than adults do, that doesn’t mean that kids are desperate to go to sleep; the majority of them are quite the opposite.


Getting your child to sleep on time every so often might feel like an incredible success, but that simply isn’t good enough. It is important that you develop a routine that ensures you get your child to bed on time every single night. Here are a few tips we have for getting your child to bed on time!


Create a bedtime routine – and stick to it!


Creating a bedtime routine might seem like an unnecessary hassle but having some structure in place can make all the difference when it comes to getting your child to bed on time every evening.


The majority of children are big fans of routine, as it offers them a sense of safety and security, and routine can often seem like a guarantee to a child. Although getting your child into a routine might be tough, maintaining the routine once you have started your child with the routine isn’t too tough; they’ll want to stick to it without you asking them to!


Create the ideal sleeping environment with custom made kids beds


Creating the ideal sleeping environment isn’t something that just happens; you have to take steps to create the environment and steps to maintain it. One method of creating the ideal sleeping environment is the commission of custom made kids beds. Custom made kids beds are made specifically for the individual child they are aimed at, meaning their custom made kids bed will be perfect for them.


There are other things that you can do to create the ideal sleeping environment for your child. A room that is dark, quiet and cool is normally ideal for a child, but it is also worth considering that your child might like the addition of a night light or a dim light, so don’t deny them a light if it will make them more comfortable in bed.


Avoid meals and sugar-filled treats before bed


Although sugar-packed treats are never going to be good for your child, you should avoid giving your sweet-toothed child anything with sugar in before bedtime in particular. Sugar can make children hyperactive before bed, which is definitely something that you want to avoid when you are trying to settle them down.


While sweet snacks or snacks that contain caffeine should be avoided in the hours before bedtime, healthier snacks and drinks are perfectly fine for your child to consume before they are going to bed. As long as the snacks are healthy and aren’t going to fill them up, such as a bit of fruit, it is fine for your child to have something before bed as it won’t impact their sleep as sugar-filled treats will.