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Bespoke Ottoman Bed

Making use of the space you have

Unfortunately, we don’t all get to experience the joys of having a large bedroom; most of us have to be careful to make the most of the space available in our rooms. Is your bedroom a little on the small size? Is extra storage a necessity for you? If you answered yes to either or both of the above, a bespoke ottoman bed might be a good investment for you.

An ottoman bed can help you to maximise the space available to you. A distinct lack of space is no problem when you invest in smart storage solutions such as a bespoke ottoman bed.

The faultless solution for a busy or small room

There isn’t an awful lot you can do about a small bedroom. All you can do is use the area that you do have as efficiently as possible.

If your room is small or it contains lots of things, an ottoman bed could be the ideal solution. Why? An ottoman bed utilises the floor space on which it sits. Ottoman bases have a lid which can lift from either the end or the side, making accessing your things easy.

Storage built into your bed is an ingenious solution to your small bedroom woes. A bed takes up a lot of room, so why not build storage into it?

Stylish yet practical

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice style for practicality. For example, a Ferrari luxury sports car might be an eye-catching, beautiful car but it is hardly going to suit a family of 5.

When it comes to ottoman beds, you do not sacrifice style for practicality; you get a bed that is both elegant and practical – if that’s what you want!

Ottoman beds are available in a range of sizes. From single to king-size, there is an ottoman bed to suit your particular requirements.

Why invest in a bespoke ottoman bed?

If you’ve decided you really can’t pass up the opportunity for more storage, here are a few reasons you should invest in a bespoke ottoman bed.

Designed for you:

How many people can say that their bed has been designed and created especially for them? When you invest in a bespoke bed, you will have a bed created specifically to suit your requirements. Using measurements and taking your needs into consideration, one of our highly skilled team will create the bed of your dreams.

Created with your room in mind:

If your room is oddly shaped or particularly small, a bespoke bed will be the only bed that fits perfectly. That’s because your measurements will be followed carefully, to ensure that the bed is the size that you require.

Built to last:

Beds aren’t cheap, so undoubtedly you want to invest in a bed that is built to last. Bespoke ottoman beds are created with longevity in mind. This means that your bed is built to stand the test of time, with only quality materials used in the construction process.

More storage:

An ottoman bed always has storage built in, which is great if your room is crowded with stuff or only little. During the creation of a bespoke ottoman bed, you can decide which configuration would suit you best in coordination with the manufacturer.

Want tips for choosing an ottoman bed?

Choosing the right bed for you can be difficult.

If you are struggling to decide which bed would be best for you, why not give us a call today on 01924 451584 or fill in our enquiry form.