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Bespoke Mattress: How We Produce Our Mattresses

If you are thinking about perhaps investing in a bespoke mattress from Beds Direct – Batley, you could be wondering how we produce our mattresses. Our production process isn’t particularly complex, but each mattress that we create is produced by time served craftsmen following a specific methodology that has been refined over the years.

Find out more about how we produce each and every bespoke mattress that we create.

Bespoke Mattress: The Beginning of the Process

The creation of each mattress always begins with a telephone call, face to face meeting or email. Basically, a customer contacts us to begin the mattress creation process.

This communication is very important, as our expert team will listen to your mattress requirements. By understanding your wishes, we can guarantee that your mattress truly meets your requests.

The importance of this initial communication is one of the main reasons that we do not allow mattresses to be ordered online. We want to guarantee that your built-to-order mattress is suited to you, so we do everything we can to make sure it is.

Designing A Bespoke Mattress

Every bespoke mattress that we offer to our customers has been individually designed with particular needs in mind. We understand that ‘standard’ measurements or specifications might not be suitable for everyone, which is why each unit is designed in consultation with each customer. As a family-run business, we like to ensure that our family is providing your family with something that meets your requirements.

The key to our success is our attention to detail. We always ensure that we fully understand what you require from your purchase before we confirm we can create a mattress for you. There are several things that we consider as part of the design process, such as:

  • The user of the mattress
  • The regularity of usage
  • The required comfort levels
  • User allergies
  • User special requirements
  • Budget

These details allow us to design and manufacture a product for you that will meet your requirements exactly.

Handcrafting and Road Testing

We have been creating mattresses for over 35 years now, with plenty of happy, returning customers. Since the beginning, we have believed in using traditional methods when manufacturing mattresses. By sticking to traditional methods of mattress manufacturing, every member of our valued team is a bedding industry specialist that knows exactly how to create a mattress suited to you.

All Beds Direct – Batley bespoke mattresses are handcrafted and tested for quality in our West Yorkshire mill. We will never offer sub-standard mattresses, so each mattress is tested to guarantee comfort and durability.

Although you would expect bespoke mattresses to cost a fortune, our bespoke manufacturing facilities allow for our mattresses to be manufactured easily and cost-effectively. Unlike other bespoke mattress creators, we do not charge an arm and a leg for our mattresses simply because they are bespoke.

Need Advice from Our Team?

We appreciate each and every order that we receive. Therefore, we would be delighted if you decided to order a mattress from us. However, first and foremost we are more than happy to advise you if you are unsure about your mattress requirements.

If you wish to speak to one of our team, you can use our contact form or any of the details on our contact us page to get in touch.