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Bespoke kids beds: does your child need a bespoke bed?

Bespoke kids beds to help with the bedtime struggle


Comfort when it comes to beds is important for adults, but it is also particularly important for children, too. Investing in a bespoke bed for your child might not be something you have considered too seriously in the past but understanding the significance of sleep for children is crucial.

It is a well-known thing that children are certainly not the biggest fans of bedtime, but good quality sleep is important whether your little one wants it or not. For little children, sleep is just as important as healthy eating or exercise. Here are some more reasons that bespoke kids beds are important for children.


Children aged 3 spend approximately half their day in bed


Were you aware that children aged 3 spend approximately half of their day in bed? As quality sleep is so important and children of this age spend so long in bed, it is essential that they have a comfortable bed that meets their needs precisely. Sometimes, generic children’s beds simply won’t do the job. On the other hand, our bespoke kids beds are designed specifically to match the requirements of each individual child.


Every child has very specific requirements


While each individual regardless of age may have specific requirements, children in particular have very specific needs that need to be considered when you are deciding on a bed for them. For example, children come in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore, a basic bed simply isn’t going to be the best for your child.

As we work with you to create the ideal bed for your child, your and, most importantly, your child’s needs are met exactly with the bed what we design and hand-built for you.


Your child needs to be excited about bedtime


Getting children excited for bedtime is a problem that parents have faced forever, and it is likely an issue that they will continue to face forever. However, your unending mission to ensure your child is enthusiastic to go to bed is made somewhat easier when you have a bed that is designed specifically for their comfort.

Although bespoke kids beds aren’t suddenly going to make all the children in the world excited to go to bed, a bespoke child’s bed will assist in settling your child down once you have managed to get them into the bedroom. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sleeping in an incredibly comfortable custom-made bed? Even children do!


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