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Bespoke beds for small rooms: Creating the ideal bed for a small room

If you have a house with multiple small rooms or even one small room, making the most of these rooms is difficult. You can barely use a small room for storage, never mind fit an average-sized bed in it! At this point, bespoke beds for small rooms are essential.


Making best use of a small room is often essential for families of all sizes, as even if a family member doesn’t need to use the room guests possibly will. If you are struggling to find a bed or beds that will fit in the small room or rooms that you have, choosing a bespoke bed could be the key to making the best use of your space.


Bespoke beds are made specifically to meet the requirements of you, the person using the bed and the room that you have available. This means a bed can be created specifically to fit in the space that you have. If you only have a little bit of space available, this is ideal as a bed can be made to fit in your small room suitably.


Here at Beds Direct Batley, we understand the restrictions of a small room when it comes to finding the perfect bed. That’s why we offer unique bespoke beds that truly make the most of the limited space small rooms have.


Bespoke beds for small rooms: Divan beds


When you truly want to make the most of the space in any bedroom, particularly small bedrooms divan beds are the favourable option. Divan beds are excellent as instead of a large bed frame, the mattress sits directly on top of the divan.


We handmake divan beds that meet your requirements precisely. Here are some more benefits of choosing Beds Direct Batley to create your custom bed for small rooms.


Bespoke beds for small rooms: Handcrafted


There is something truly special about a handcrafted bed. We have spent 33 years within the bed industry, offering a truly bespoke experience. We take into consideration many factors that are important to you:


  • The room you have available
  • The fabrics you like
  • The storage you require
  • The finishing flourishes you want


After considering the above factors, we use the information that we have gathered to handcraft the bed of your dreams. This bed will meet the requirements you have set out precisely.


Bespoke beds for small rooms: Make the best use of your space


If your new bed is going to be placed in a small room, it is important that it has integrated storage to ensure even more practicality from your bed. With years and years in the industry, we have learnt about how best to incorporate many key features for small room beds:


  • Pull-out drawers
  • Shallow base
  • Ottoman storage
  • Maxistore
  • Twin sleep pull-out bed


With all the above integrated precisely and carefully into a bespoke bed, your specially made bed offers much more than simply a place to sleep. We don’t sacrifice appearance for practicality, either; the bed created will meet your needs practically and visually.


Bespoke beds for small rooms: Made with your requirements at the forefront


The key to success when creating the ideal bed for a small room is considering the owner’s requirements and ensuring these are considered throughout the entire process of creating the bed. Before we begin the process of constructing your bed, we make sure that we fully understand what you want from your new bed. We ask key questions:


  • Who will be using the bed?
  • How often will the bed be used?
  • What is the size of the room the bed will be used in?
  • What is your budget?
  • What materials would you like to be used?


By asking all of the above and more before we begin creating your bed, we can guarantee that we create the ideal bed for your small room at the first time of asking.


bespoke beds for small rooms