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5 Key Advantages of Bespoke Single Beds

If your current bed is still in one piece and not showing the signs of age yet, upgrading your bed might not seem like a big deal; you might think there are better things to spend your money on. However, investing in a new bed might be the best thing you could do. We have a specialist team that create bespoke single beds. Here are some of the advantages of such a bed:


  • Designed for you


  • Incredible comfort


  • All shapes and sizes


  • Cost-effective


  • Quality materials


Although these are just 5 of the advantages of bespoke single beds, we are going to take a detailed look at all of these advantages in this blog post.



Bespoke Single Beds: Designed for You


There are plenty of beds to choose from if you go to any place that sells beds. A bed shop does not have just one type of bed, after all. However, none of the beds that you can choose in a place that sells furniture have been designed specifically for you. While you might find a bed that suits your requirements somewhat, you are highly unlikely to find a bed that suits your needs perfectly. When you invest in a bespoke single bed, the bed has been made especially for you with your needs and wishes in mind. Therefore, it will be perfect for you.


If you are investing in a bespoke bed made by our team at Beds Direct Batley, we do everything that we can to ensure that the bed meets your needs, such as:


  • Discuss your needs


  • Take specific measurements


  • Consult you about specific elements


  • Only use the materials you like


The outcome of our collaboration is a bed that has been designed for you; a bed that is perfect for you.


Bespoke Single Beds: Incredible Comfort


Creating the perfect bed is not simple, even for experts. Some features might be priorities for one buyer, whereas those features might not matter to another. With all beds no matter the owner, there is one thing that is always important: comfort.


If you had a bed created specifically to meet your requirements and the bed was not comfortable, you would inevitably be very disappointed. If everyone had a choice, nobody would decide to sleep in a bed that was not comfortable. That’s why creating incredibly comfortable beds is a priority of Beds Direct Batley. All the bespoke single beds we create offer unparalleled comfort.


Bespoke Single Beds: All Shapes and Sizes


Finding the right bed for you is never as simple as walking into a shop and picking a bed. For example, while you might walk into a shop and see a bed that you would love to have as your own, it might not fit in your room. As another example, you might fall in love with a bed and then find out that it’s not big enough for you. That’s why bespoke beds are so good.


Bespoke single beds come in all shapes and sizes, because the beds are made to suit the requests of the person they are made for. For example, if the person ordering the bed is very tall, we take note of that and then make a bed that is long enough for them. If you only have a small room, we can create a bed that fits in that room ideally. Plainly, we ensure that your bespoke bed is the right shape and size for you.



Bespoke Single Beds: Cost-effective


If you are going through beds like there is no tomorrow because they never meet your requirements or they never last, you are going to be spending an awful lot of money. Even if you buy a cheap bed, if it does not meet your needs and you buy another, you might as well have bought a bespoke one at first.


While a bespoke single bed might cost a little more than some other beds that are available, it is a cost-effective option. Why? Because a bespoke single bed is built to stand the test of time and to meet your requirements. Not only will you be delighted with how well your bespoke bed meets your needs, but you will also find that the bed lasts longer than many others would.



Bespoke Single Beds: Quality Materials


When you make the decision to invest in a bespoke single bed, you are paying for the finest bed that can be made for you. That’s not only because the bed will be created to exceed your expectations specifically, but also because of the high-quality materials that are used in the construction process.


Bespoke single beds are created with quality materials. There are no inadequate materials used; only the finest materials are used in the creation of a bespoke single bed.