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Our truly bespoke service has been taken up by thousands of highly satisfied Customers all over the UK and abroad for nearly three decades. The key to the success of our supply nationwide is that we actually understand what you expect from your purchase before we confirm your order. We will have discussed who is to use the bed, on what regularity, the comfort level required, any allergies or special conditions as well as your expected budget to do the job right first time. Only then will we be happy that the item we are to make for you will meet your requirements.

No pressure – we are more than willing to offer you our help and advice. Seven days a week. Although your business would be much appreciated, we wouldn’t hold it against you if you didn’t place an order, our advice is free of charge.

There is nothing more beautiful than nature and nothing more comfortable than a natural fibre bed.

Welcome to Beds Direct of Batley

Our website has been carefully designed to offer you an overview of ourselves, our products and services. When you are considering the purchase of a new bed, for whatever application, you will be faced with a massive range of products. All are designed to make you want them. Our aim is to help you choose the right product to suit the job. Due to the vast extent of options you have, it is only after discussion that we are able to assess your requirements and quote accordingly.

Beds Direct is a very well established, family owned manufacturer & direct retailer of all types of beds and associated products. Our long-standing staff have many years of knowledge and expertise in the manufacture & supply of beds. We offer an excellent bespoke service giving effective advise on most issues linked to the bedroom!. Our extensive range of divan style beds and mattresses can be made in any size, height, width or length. Please select a category to learn more about how we can take the pain and excessive expense out of buying your next bed.

As a manufacturer, Beds Direct Batley can produce beds to almost any size.

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