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FAQ’s - Things to consider

Frequently asked questions.

  1. Why should I buy a divan?  Our divans provide a perfect platform so that the mattress springs and upholstery can respond to individual body weight, shape and size. In recent years, the fashion has tended towards bedstead frames (which may not be suitable in its type of support) but partner your  Beds Direct mattress with a divan technically designed to compliment it and you will have the most comfortable nights sleep.
  2. Is size important?  YES! Each generation gets taller and heavier due to diet and exercise. Each half of a double bed is just over two thirds of a single bed. Hardly the right recipe for a good nights sleep. We turn about 35-50 times per night in our sleep to rest and restore each set of muscles in turn. The more room you have to do this without disturbing your partner, the better.
  3. Is bed linen freely available for bigger beds and odd sizes?  YES! Nearly all department stores, bed and linen specialists offer a wide selection of sizes, colours and styling options. Bespoke sizes and shapes are also available from various sources. If you experience any difficulty in finding the correct size linen, Beds Direct can put you in touch with a selected supplier.
  4.  Can I buy any Headboard for my bed?  YES! Your bed can be manufactured to accept a range of headboards. When special sizes are required, this needs discussion prior to placing your order.
  5. Are firmer beds better for you?  It is not true that harder beds are better. In previous years the medical world recommended a very firm bed to offer support. This is not the case in modern times. A softer bed can still provide correct support for your back whilst avoiding the pins and needles numbness caused by pressure points from a bed which is too hard.

Too soft.

The spine bows downwards putting pressure around the hips.

Too firm

The spine bows upwards focusing pressure around the shoulders and knees.

Perfect support.

The spine is straight, the entire body gently cradled and evenly supported.

Carefully consider the size of bed you need.

 Bigger is better, as George would have known if he had only carefully considered.