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We offer an extensive range of bedsteads to suit all needs, whether it’s intended to be a guest bed which is used infrequently, as a child’s bed or as a regular bed to be used by adults every night. Under beds, trundle style, storage drawers are an add-on feature of some frames.

The build structure of bedsteads these days differs tremendously, however the Price v. Quality adage never alters. Some cheap frames do, without doubt, look appealing but it may well not do the job it is intended to do. Over the last three decades we think we’ve learnt a bit regarding which bedsteads will be suitable and be of service to you for a long period – and which ones may not.

Whatever your requirements and whatever your budget, any advice we can offer is free of charge.

Metal Frame Beds

We offer an endless range of metal and iron beds, to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you require Victorian, Edwardian, Modern, Contemporary, 4 Poster, under-beds or children’s beds, we have them all in a range of different colours and finishes.

A mix of metal and wood is used in various designs

 Available in an array of colours:

 White

 Ivory Gloss

 Cream

 Pink

 Silver

 Chrome

 Nickel

 Brass

 Antique Brass

 Titanium

  Black

For beautiful antique metal bedsteads, visit A reputable business who offer a bespoke service in carefully re-fashioning antique bedsteads.

Wooden Frame Beds

Whether you require hardwood or softwood construction there are many finishes

in a wide range of sizes available.

We can supply wooden bed frames in any length to suit your requirements.

Children’s beds, guest room beds, main beds, beds with drawers, beds with pull

out guest beds.

Our range of pine and Oak beds extends to many different styles and therefore

meets many different tastes and budgets, from inexpensive simple spindle

designs with solid construction to more elaborate and robust, but still inexpensive.

Many sizes are available:
2'6, 3'0, 3'6, 4'0, 4'6, 5'0, 5'6, 6'0+

Also in-between widths (using our Studio bed frame)as well as odd size

lengths (on many models)can be accommodated.

Finishes range from natural pine, varnished or untreated for finishing,

Staining and varnishing by yourself, through antique stains and honey,

or mahogany and walnut dark stain.
Most styles come with choice of high or low end. Many styles on display.

Under-bed drawers are available.

A roll-away guest bed can also be supplied with mattress.

Styles and suitability cover a wide range.

Fabric Upholstered Beds

A diverse choice of upholstered bed frames in a good choice of sizes include Faux (false) Leather, Genuine Hide, Microfibre and cotton fabric.

The range of faux leather frames includes ones with storage options of either pull out drawers or lift up Ottoman.